Technical Documents Archive

This is an archive for a variety of railway vehicle technical documents; most contain descriptions of the installed equipment. Almost all have all been scanned as PDF files from paper original documents; where possible they have been converted to be text-searchable. Click on the link to open the document. Thanks to several friends and former colleagues for obtaining these documents and scanning them, particularly R.B.

All are the copyright of the relevant companies as displayed on each document.

The documents are grouped by the company that created the original documents; most of these are railway equipment manufacturers. For simplicity, documents from EE-AEI Traction, GEC Traction and GEC Transportation Projects are grouped together. 

Document Description/Title  Link   Classes 
Associated Electrical Industries
AC Type 'A' Electric Locomotives for British Railways, Nos. E 3001 - E 3023 (1961) PDF AL1/81
AC Type 'A' Locomotives for British Railways Nos. E 3046 - E 3055 (1960) PDF AL2/82
High-Voltage AC Locomotives built by British Railways (1961) PDF AL5/85
High-Voltage Multiple Unit Stock for British Railways (1960) PDF AM4/304
An Experimental Automatic Electric Brake Scheme For 25 kV a.c. locomotives (1968) PDF AL5/85
Note: the following ALCO documents were bound into a single pack. No dates are given but likely to be from 1964.
ALCO Locomotives for the Railways of the World   NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-531 1065 / 965 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-535-B DL-535-S 1370 / 1215 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-535 1370 / 1215 CV DL-534 1065 / 965 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-536 1370 / 1215 CV DL-532 1065 / 965 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-543 2180 / 2030 CV DL-541 1980 / 1825 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-500-S 2180 / 2030 CV DL-500-C 1980 / 1830 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-560 2635 / 2430 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-721A 2150 / 2000 HP Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-640A 2600 / 2400 HP Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-628 3050 / 2750 HP Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DH-643 4300 / 4000 CV Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
ALCO DL-855 6100 / 5500 CV Diesel-Electric Locomotive  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
Plymouth hauling and switching Locomotives distributed by ALCO  NEW UPLOAD PDF  
A High-Speed Solution for the UK's West Coast Main Line (2005) PDF 390
Class 323 - Case study - English (2016) PDF 323
Lirex PDF [618/619]
London - Juniper Gatwick Express EMUs - ONIX 800 (1998) PDF 460
London Underground - Northern Line - ONIX 800 (1998) PDF  
New York City Transit - R34142 - ONIX 800 (1998) PDF  
Portugal TAGE EMUs ONIX 1500 (1998) PDF  
Shanghai - Metropolis Metro ONIX 1500 (1999) PDF  
Singapore North-East Line (2003) PDF  
Singapore's Circle Line (2005) PDF  
Sweden Arlanda EMUs ONIX 1500 (1998) PDF [Arlanda]
The Arlanda Express Rail Link (1999) PDF [Arlanda]
British Railways
British Railways Electrification Conference - Exhibition at Battersea - October 1960 PDF  
British Rail Engineering Ltd
Class 90 Electric Locomotive PDF 90
Class 91 Electric Locomotive PDF 91
Thameslink PDF 319
Brown Boveri
Asynchronous Motor Drive for Diesel Locomotives (Henschel-BBC-DE 2500) pages 1-14 PDF  
Asynchronous Motor Drive for Diesel Locomotives (Henschel-BBC-DE 2500) pages 15-52 PDF  
E120 Locomotive Technical Data (In German) PDF [120]
Electrical Equipment for the three-phase DB Class E 120 Universal Mainline Locomotive PDF [120]
British Thomson-Houston
Magnetic Amplifiers   NEW UPLOAD PDF  
English Electric
3000 V Bo-Bo locomotive for Poland (1962) PDF [EU06]
English Electric Main-line Diesel Electric Locomotives (1951) PDF 10000/1
Tests on a transductor-controlled locomotive (1963)   NEW UPLOAD PDF AL3/83
Ankara Rapid Transit Project - Phase 1 PDF  
British Rail Class 91 Locomotives PDF 91
Class 465 & 466 Electric Multiple Units for British Rail Network SouthEast PDF 465/466
Class 9E 50 kV Thyristor Controlled Heavy Freight Locomotives PDF [9E]
Classes 465 and 466 Networker EMU trains for British Rail PDF 465/466
Manchester Metrolink (1992) PDF  
Mark IV Coaches for British Rail Intercity PDF  
The Efficient Drive - Fleet Conversion to Chopper Control (1994) PDF  
Vehicles for the Mass Transit Railway Corporation Hong Kong PDF  
EE-AEI Traction, GEC Traction and GEC Transportation Projects
1Bo-Bo1 Diesel Electric Locomotive for East Africa (1968) PDF [91]
1000 hp Diesel Electric Locomotives for British Rail - Class 20 (1957, with later amendments) PDF 20
1500 V Choppers with Rheostatic Braking for Netherland Railways PDF  
1500 V Twin-car Articulated LRT Trainsets for Tyne & Wear Metro (1974) PDF  
1760 HP Co-Co Diesel-Electric Locomotives for Malayan Railways (1971)   NEW UPLOAD PDF [22]
25 kV & 6.25 kV 50 Hz Express Multiple Unit Trains BR Class 312 (1976) PDF 312
25 kV 60 Hz Light Weight Thyristor Locomotives for Taiwan (1977) PDF  
25 kV ac Electric Locomotives British Rail Class 87 (1973) PDF 87
2700 hp Diesel Electrics for British Rail Class 50 (1968) PDF 50
A Regenerative Braking System for dc Railway Traction (1979) PDF  
Class 91 25 kV BoBo Locomotives for British Rail 240 kph 4530 kW PDF 91
Design Considerations for Rapid Transit (1974) PDF  
Diesel Electric Multiple Units for Northern Ireland Railways (1974) PDF  
Dual-voltage Chopper-Controlled Mining Locomotives PDF  
Dublin Suburban Electrification Scheme - Power Equipment for Electric Multiple Unit Trains PDF  
Electrical Multiple Units for South Africa (1974) PDF  
Electro Diesel Locomotives (1967) PDF 73
Electronically Controlled 3000 V Heavy Freight Locomotives Class 10E1 PDF [10E1]
Equipment for Copenhagen S Trains (1973) PDF  
Equipment for Glasgow Underground PDF  
Equipment for High Performance ac and dc EMU trains PDF  
Express Electric Trains BR SR Bournemouth Brighton Kent Coast Portsmouth PDF  
GEC in Transportation PDF  
GEC Traction & Signal forms the 'South African Traction Manufacturers' (1984) PDF  
GEC Traction Development Facilities Leaflet PDF  
GEC Traction Electric Locomotives and Multiple Units List of Sales (May 1982) PDF  
GEC Traction in Hong Kong PDF  
GEC Traction Ltd Class 6E & 6E1 Locomotive (1973) PDF 6E/6E1
GEC Traction Propulsion Equipment for Hong Kong Metro (1976) PDF  
GEC Tyne & Wear Brochure (1974) PDF  
Inertia Simulation on Traction Combined Test PDF  
Light Rail from GEC Leaflet PDF  
Luxury Express Electric Trainsets for Taiwan (1977) PDF  
Managing Electra (1988) PDF 91
Power Converters for feeding Asychronous Traction Motors (1982) PDF  
Propulsion Equipment for EMU Trains for New Zealand Railways PDF  
Recent Advances in the Application of GTO Thyristors in Rapid Transit Vehicles (1988) PDF  
Report of Investigation into Class 50 Rheostatic Brake Problems   NEW UPLOAD PDF 50
Thames Link Dual voltage suburban multiple-unit trains with GTO-microprocessor control Class 319 PDF 319
The Docklands Light Railway PDF  
The Manufacture of Gearwheels and Pinions PDF  
The Present Status of Chopper Control Technology (1982) PDF  
Thyristor Controlled 25 kV Locomotive British Rail Class 87/1 (1975) PDF 87/1
Thyristor Controlled Electric Locomotives for 25 kV in Pakistan (1968) PDF  
Vehicles for London Transport's Deep Tube Lines equipped by GEC Traction (1976) PDF  
General Electric (USA)
65-ton Diesel-Electric locomotive for Industrial Switching   NEW UPLOAD PDF  
General Motors
G-26C 2200 / 2000 hp 6-motor, 6-axle diesel electric general purpose locomotive for overseas service   NEW UPLOAD PDF  
GT-22C 2475 / 2250 hp 6-motor, 6-axle diesel electric general purpose locomotive for overseas service   NEW UPLOAD PDF  
Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
Light Rapid Transit in Greater Manchester PDF  
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Development and Structural Testing of the Class 87 Locomotive Bogie Frame (1975) PDF 87
High Speed Train - Fleet Operation (1978) PDF HST
The Advanced Passenger Train (1976) PDF 370
The Development of the Prototype Advanced Passenger Train (1982) PDF 370
Metrolink Topic Sheet - Vehicles (1990) PDF  
Modern Railways
London Underground 1986 Tube Stock (1987) PDF  
Ministry of Transport
Second interim report on the Accidents and Failures which occurred in Multiple Unit Electric Trains in the Scottish Region and Eastern Region British Railways (1961) PDF  
Other Technical Papers
An Electronic Freight Locomotive (Class 10E1) PDF  [10E1]
Suburban Rail Transport (1984) PDF  
Union Carriage and Wagon
The UCW Partnership PDF