Paul Steane Engineering Limited

My name is Paul Steane. At the end of March 2018 I set up my own company "Paul Steane Engineering Limited" offering my services to the railway industry as a freelance/consultant electrical and electronics engineer.

  • I have 40+ years' experience as an electrical and electronics engineer, 35+ years' experience in the railway industry
  • I have wide experience of many different types of AC and DC electric traction systems (25 kV ac and 750 V dc; inverter drives, chopper drives, camshaft controllers) on locomotives and multiple units
  • I am a successful designer of many electronic systems operating in trains around the world
  • I am experienced in the design and implementation of reliability improvements and obsolescence solutions
  • I have excellent fault finding skills
  • I have detailed design and practical knowledge of analogue, digital, microprocessor and programmable logic circuit design; also ethernet networks and network protocols
  • I am an experienced software programmer - embedded and PC - PL/M, C, C++, C#

More details of my previous work can be found here.

If you think I may be able to assist you with a problem, please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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