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Saturday 12th November 2022
Day 7 of the PTG trip: no railtour today, but tickets were provided for service trains on the Douro Valley line to Pocinho. Enthusiasts familiar with the line had told me that it was very scenic, but I am always wary of this as I've travelled over some very scenic lines in the Balkans. However the line didn't disappoint, there was some opportunity for exploring old lines, and all to the accompaniment of English Electric 8CVST action on all the trains. An excellent day.
Route: Porto São Bento 08:20 (21861 CP DL 1429+4C) - Pocinho 11:50; explore old lines; 13:08 (868 CP DL 1429+4C) - Tua 13:50; explore old lines; 16:04 (21860 CP DL 1432+4C) - Régua 16:48; evening meal; 18:41 (876 CP DL 1455+4C) - Porto São Bento 20:30 (arr 9 late). Overnight Legendary Hotel, Porto.