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Today was planned around just one train - train 1950, the 16:19 from Virovitica to Zagreb Glavni kolodvor via Daruvar. This train only runs on certain Sundays in the year and is one of very few trains using the section of line between Pčelić and Daruvar. Like yesterday this involved a 'circular' trip starting and ending in Zagreb. Time for some more tram route coverage in the morning: route 5 from Miramarska near the hotel to Dobrova; route 4 to Glavni kolodvor; route 2 out to Savišće and back to Zitnjak; then route 13 to Kruge, which was near tonight's hotel so I could again work out the best walking route. Train 981 took me at 12:44 from Zagreb Glavni kolodvor via reversal at Koprivnica as far as Virovitica; then train 1950 as described back to Zagreb via Daruvar. Overnight at the Orient Express Hotel about 10 minutes' walk south east of Glavni kolodvor.