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Today's main aim was the curve between Lustenau and Dornbirn in Austria, recently gaining an advertised, though infrequent, passenger service; plus one of the Bodensee ferries and the two Appenzeller Bahnen rack lines on the Swiss side of the Bodensee.
In Ulm I first covered the remaining tram routes (Line 2 to its terminals at Science Park II and Kuhberg Schulzentrum). I had planned to get IC 897 to Friedrichshafen Stadt but this was rather late so I took the preceding IRE 4805 (unit 425 021). As it happens IC 897 arrived in time for the connection to Friedrichshafen Hafen (train 'IRE 3' 3049, loco 245 036 pushing). Unfortunately this was also late and anyway the intended connection to the ferry must be almost impossible in the time advertised in the journey planners. Time for a coffee at the Hafen before catching ferry "Friedrichshafen" across the Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) to Romanshorn; this was a small supplementary fare on top of the Interrail. Then train 'S7' 11745 (unit 526 283) to Rorschach Hafen to connect into Rorschach-Heiden-Bergbahn train 'S25' 5023 to Heiden, which was rack-fitted BDeh 3/6 railcar 25 pushing three two-axle trailers. The same set was taken back down the hill to Rorschach (train 'S25' 5024) for train 'S4' 11451 (unit 526 063) to Rheineck. The Bergbahn Rheineck–Walzenhausen with its sole 1200 mm gauge rack fitted vehicle BDeh 1/2 railcar 1 was then taken to the summit at Walzenhausen on train 'S26' 6141. This route has a half-hourly service so time was taken at the pleasant summit village for an ice cream in the sun. 'S26' 6146 was taken back down the hill for train 'S4' 11455 (unit 526 042) to St Margrethen. Here over an hour was available for viewing the sidings outside the Stadler works, including Liverpool Merseytravel units 777 030 and 777 034. The Bregenz service was taken from St Margrethen (train 'S3' 5774, Austrian unit 4024 081) as far as Lustenau, for the primary aim of today, train 25855 (unit 4024 071) to Dornbirn via the west to south curve avoiding Bregenz. Units 4024 097 and 096 on train 5587 then connected into RailjetExpress RJX 367 from Feldkirch for the five hour run (loco 1116 208 pushing) all the way to my overnight hotel, the Ibis a short distance from Linz Hbf.