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The plan for the next part of the trip was to cover three lines in Croatia that have opened, or re-opened, since I first 'cleared' the country around 10 years previously. Leaving Villach Hbf early at 06:28 on the overnight train EN415 from Zurich to Zagreb, a standard run was made into Slovenia, then via Ljubljana and Dobova where the Austrian 1216 was changed for a Croatian 1141 to the train's terminus at Zagreb Gl.k. After a short break in the bar outside the station, I travelled over a couple of the tram routes: tram 334 on route 9 from Glavni Kolodvor to Borongaj, then tram 22104 on route 17 to Frankopanska, then tram 2206 on route 12 to Ljubljanica, then tram 336 on route 9 back to Glavni Kolodvor. Today's main aim was the newly opened Table 22 route between Gradec Stajalište and Sveti Ivan Žabno, this required a bit of a circular route from Zagreb Gl.k. starting with taking the train 2207, 14:38 to Koprivnica, as far as Križevci. This, EMU 6112 113, was in the station but panned down, as was nearby EMU 6112 015 on the 14:29 to Vinkovci. Many passengers were standing around both trains trying to find some shade from the very hot sun. Various platform changes were indicated, which involved a lot of passengers crossing the tracks backwards and forwards without benefit of the subway. Fortunately a member of staff was on hand who spoke some English, so I was able to check which train was which. Eventually diesel shunting loco 2132 324 appeared, with emergency coupler, and was attached to 6112 015. This was then dragged around the station and attached to 6112 113. As soon as they were coupled and the 2132 detached, both EMUs panned up and passengers were allowed to embark, thankful of the air con after the sweltering heat. I have no idea what the actual problem was, but the two units ran forward together, 23 minutes late on the Koprivnica train timings, as far as the divergence at Dugo Selo where 6112 113 continued alone. The booked connection was held at Križevci, a quick cross-platform interchange ensuring that the 23 minute late arrival was turned into a 20 minute late departure. This was train 2363, 15:48 Križevci to Bjelovar, formed of DMU 7121 001 / 4121 001. The expected 38 minutes at Bjelovar had turned into just 18 minutes, plenty of time in hand really.... then the important train, 2302 from Virovitica to Zagreb Gl.k., 17:09 from Bjelovar, via the new line from Sveti Ivan Žabno to Gradec Stajalište, only opened on 15/12/2019. This arrived back at Zagreb Gl.k. a few minutes late at 18:48, from where I walked to my hotel for the night, the Hotel International - about 10 minutes walk south west of the station. I caught tram 334 (again!) on route 13 from Miramarska stop near the hotel to Trg bana Josepa Jelačića stop in the centre of the city for something to eat, then walked it off by walking back to the Hotel.