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31 March 2022: starting and finishing in Haifa using scheduled service trains; we had found out that today was the first day of operation of a service between Modi'in and Jerusalem via a newly constructed curve. Unfortunately plans were disrupted by a train cancellation so we had less time in Jerusalem than intended. We travelled from Haifa Center-HaSchmona via Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport, this train should have continued to Modi'in-Center. Hastily re-arranging plans, we caught a service to Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon, where we had time for a short tram ride one stop to Kiryat Moshe and back. Then we used one of the new services to Modi'in-Center and back, to cover both sides of the burrowing junction off the Jerusalem line. At Jerusalem we caught a tram to the southern terminus, Mount Herzl, and back past Central Station to Jaffa Center, where we caught a '78' bus to the David Remez stop. We then spent over an hour at the original 1892 railway station in Jerusalem, now a part museum part shopping centre. Then we caught the '78 ' bus and a tram back to Central Station, then a '420' bus to Bet Shemesh. This fed into a train towards Tel Aviv, though some of us did a return move between HaHagana and Lod to cover both sides of the burrowing junction onto the airport line. From Lod we continued to Haifa.
See trip report for the full itinerary, traction details and notes.