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Wednesday 10/11/2021 Today's itinerary was from Zaragoza to Pobla de Segur and back, via Lleida. Zaragoza to Lleida is the classic broad gauge route to Barcelona. The Poba de Segur branch is very scenic. Shortly after departure from Lleida on the way back, 2148 failed, despite various attempts to fix it. Returning to Lleida it was agreed that the tour participants would return to Zaragoza, with the tickets paid for by PTG/ALSA. This is a big job for a lot of people as every booking on Spanish main line trains is individually recorded, with ID details. I opted to wait at Lleida for an hour or so and catch an AVE working via the high speed line, this taking 37 minutes instead of what would have been nearly three hours on the railtour via the classic route.
Route: Zaragoza-Delicias 06:44 (PTG special, ALSA DL 2148, former RENFE 321048 leading ALSA DL 1603, former RENFE 316003; train 39556) 06:30 - Marcen-Polini 07:37/07:46 - Raimat 08:51/08:54 - Lleida-Pirineus (rev; re-form train with DL 1603 leading and DL 2148 on rear; train 39594/T2) 09:10/11:53 - Pobla de Segur (rev; train T1/39585) 13:44/14:14 - Lleida-Pirineus (train 39501) 16:30/17:05 - DL 2148 failed after departure, returned to Lleida-Pirineus. Tour participants were returned to Zaragoza by several service trains according to seat availability: I caught Lleida-Pirineus 21:05 (AVE 3202, RENFE EMU 103020) - high speed line, via short curves - Zaragoza-Delicias 21:42.