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Saturday 06/11/2021 I started the morning with some more travelling around the Bilbao area: firstly on Metro Line 2 from Indauxti via Kabiezes to Portugalete; then down the hill to cross the river by the rather splendid Vizkaya (Biscay) Bridge. one of only a small number of transporter bridges still running in the world; then by Metro Line 1 from Areeta to Plentzia, changing at Ibarbengoa; then back to Indauxti to check out of the hotel; though I left my big bag there. A short walk found the terminus of the single Bilbao tram route at La Casilla, from where I took a tram to the other end of the line at Axturi; then back on the tram to Arriaga, which is close to the theatre of the same name and just across the river from the stations at La Concordia and Abando. A final trip on the Metro Line 2 from Abando to Indauxti took me to my hotel to pick up my big bag, for a gentle stroll back to the main stations. This led to the main aim for today which was coverage of the FEVE line from Bilbao to León via Guardo, part of which only has one train per day each way. From La Concordia the train was formed of EMU 3617/8 as far as Balmaseda, for a same-platform interchange into DMU 2702. To avoid doing too much of this in the dark, I had booked a hotel in the small town of Guardo.
Route: Indauxti 08:10 (Metro Line 2) - Kabiezes 08:36; 08:39 (Metro Line 2) - Portugalete 08:45; walk via transporter bridge to cross the river; Areeta 09:22 (Metro Line 1) - Ibarbengoa 09:34; 09:43 (Metro Line 1) - Plentzia 09:55; 10:00 (Metro Line 1) - Indauxti 10:40; La Casilla 11:41 (tram 403) - Axturi 12:07;12:13 (tram 403) - Arriaga 12:16; Abando 12:47 (Metro Line 2) - Indauxti 12:50; Bilba La Concordia 14:30 (FEVE EMU 3617/3618) - Balmaseda 15:19; 15:20 (FEVE DMU 2702) - Guardo 19:38 (arr 9 late). Overnight at Hotel Tremazal, 15 minutes walk from Guardo station.