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Sunday 07/11/2021 Being a Sunday, the first train of the day westwards towards León was not until lunchtime, so this gave me the morning to explore Guardo. The main thing of interest was the branch line to the power station at Velilla, about 1.5 km north of Guardo. This formerly carried inbound coal traffic but is clearly out of use; the hotel proprietor told me that both the coal-fired and adjacent hydro-electric power stations here had not generated for some time. The previous evening I had alighted from the train at the main station in Guardo, which was slightly closer to the hotel than the centre of the town. This lunchtime I caught the 12:31 train from Guardo Apeadero (halt) which is where the train started from, this being in the centre of Guardo and also a km or so nearer to Bilbao. FEVE DMU 2613/2614 took me to León, though only as far as Asunción/Universidad station, where a rail replacement bus was provided to the "proper" FEVE terminus at León-Matallana station. I had plenty of time to walk across León to the mainline station, from where I caught a RENFE AVE high speed service to Madrid-Chamartín.
Route: Guardo Apeadora 12:31 (FEVE DMU 2613) - León-Asunción/Universidad 15:12; 15:14 (FEVE rail replacement bus) - León-Matallana 15:25; walk (via the frontage of Iglesia de San Marcos); León (17:35 (RENFE EMU 112 059/060) - high speed line - Madrid-Chamartín 19:37. Overnight at the Hotel Madrid Chamartín The One, adjacent to the station: fFor the next six nights I was staying in hotels organised by PTG.