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Firstly today I had another ride on the 750 mm gauge part-rack railway from Diakofto to Kalavrita and back - if only to do some train travel during the trip. Very scenic and very enjoyable. Then I drove from Diakofto to Tripoli looking at various sections of closed railway en route: Kiato - Korinthos - Korinth Canal - Isthmos - Loutraki - Nafplio - Mili - Achlodokampos - Tripoli.
The Isthmos - Loutraki branch is supposed to be being reconstructed as a standard gauge route, ready for re-opening in 2021. Though Nafplio was visited by the railtour in April 2013, this second visit gave chance to view the original station in the town. The viaduct at Achlodokampos was visited to look again at the 1944-1974 temporary alignment there. Overnight in Tripoli, with a look at the station.