Trip to Germany - July 2023

General Notes

A week away in Germany with former colleagues from various Alstom sites, with friends and family, excellently organised by Carsten; using the "Deutschland-ticket", excellent value at €49 for one month on regional and local trains, buses and trams. A supplement, 8 per day or 25 for a week, is needed for the two steam lines on Rügen and at Bad Doberan.

Operating Company Abbreviations

  • DB - Deutsche Bahn - the national railway company in Germany.
  • MBB - Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn - steam-powered 900 mm gauge railway running between Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn West. 
  • NEB - Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn - operating regional train services in Berlin and Brandenburg.
  • ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn - operating regional train services in eastern Germany.
  • PRESS - Pressnitztalbahn - operating regional train services between Bergen and Lauterbach Mole on the island of Rügen.
  • RB - Rügensche Bäderbahn -  steam-powered 750 mm gauge railway that runs from Putbus via Binz and Sellin to Göhren on the island of Rügen.
  • SRS - Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer Straßenbahn - metre gauge tramway in Schöneiche bei Berlin.
  • WS - Woltersdorfer Straßenbahn - standard gauge tramway near Berlin.

Track gauge

Standard gauge (1435 mm) unless otherwise stated.

Place Arrive Depart Train Traction details & notes

Sunday 16th July 2023

Timperley   15:27   Manchester tram 3029
Trafford Bar 15:40 15:49   Manchester tram 3020
Manchester Airport 16:31      
Manchester T1 (MAN)   18:45 EZY2201 Easyjet EZY2201 G-EZFV A319-111; gate 2; push-back 19:02, take-off 19:21 from runway 23R
Berlin (BER) 21:40     landed 21:52 on runway 25L, on stand 22:01
Flughafen BER Terminal 1-2   22:44 'RE8' 62039 ODEG DD EMU (to Wittenberge)
Berlin Hbf 23:17 23:20 'S9' DB EMU 480???
Savignyplatz 23:32      
Overnight: Hotel Peters, Kantstraße 146, 10623 Berlin (1st of 2 nights). Today's photos.
Home to Berlin via tram to Manchester Airport, Easyjet flight to Berlin Brandenburg, then by train to Savignyplatz.

Monday 17th July 2023

Savignyplatz   09:26 'S3' DB EMU 480???
Friedrichshagen 10:10 10:24 '88' SRS tram 53
Alt-Rüdersdorf 10:52 11:03 '88' SRS tram 53
Rahnsdorfer Straße 11:23 11:43 '88' SRS tram 52
Friedrichshagen 11:56 12:10 'S3' DB EMU 480???
Rahnsdorf 12:15 12:30 '87' WS tram 31
Woltersdorf Schleuse 12:46     walk to
Thälmannplatz   13:35 '87' WS tram 31
Rahnsdorf 13:46 13:50 'S3' DB EMU 480???
Alexanderplatz 14:22 14:28 'U5'  
Hauptbahnhof 14:52 15:08 'S5' DB EMU 481???
Savignyplatz 15:16 15:52 'S7' DB EMU 482???
Tiergarten 15:56     walk to Café am Neuen See and back
Tiergarten   20:10 'S5' DB EMU 481???
Savignyplatz 20:13      
Overnight: Hotel Peters, Kantstraße 146, 10623 Berlin (2nd of 2 nights). Today's photos.
A free day where we all did our "own things", prior to meeting up in the Tiergarten for some beers and food.

Tuesday 18th July 2023

Savignyplatz    07:36 'S9' DB EMU 482???
Berlin Hbf 07:45 08:33 'RE3' 3306 DB EL 147016
Eberswalde 09:07 09:21 'RB60' 61315 NEB DMU 650537
Niederfinow 09:33      
walk to Niederfinow ship lifts; boat trip up and down the old lift, and technical visit to the old lift (see my YouTube video)
Schiffshebewerk   16:25 '916' bus
Eberswalde Busbahnhof 17:02      
Eberswalde   17:09 'RE3' 3314 DB EL 112165
Pasewalk 18:16     walk to Pasewalk preserved locomotive roundhouse
Overnight: Sleeper coaches at Pasewalk preserved locomotive roundhouse (1 night). Today's photos.
A visit to the Niederfinow ship lifts, including a boat trip through then a technical visit to the older of the two ship lifts; then by bus and train to Pasewalk where we overnighted in static sleeping cars at the preserved locomotive roundhouse.

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Pasewalk   10:18 'RE3' 3306 DB EL 147010
Stralsund Hbf 11:45 11:59 'RE9' 63915 ODEG EMU 4746304
Rambin (Rügen) 12:12     walk to the Insel Brauerei for drinks and lunch
Rambin (Rügen)   14:12 'RE9' 63919 ODEG EMU 4746307
Bergen auf Rügen 14:28 14:40 PRE 74876 PRESS DR 650032
Lauterbach Mole 14:54 15:22 P109 RB DL 251901 tnt SL 99783 (750 mm gauge)
* Putbus       detach DL, SL 99783 on front (750 mm gauge)
Göhren 17:23     Walk to hotel. Evening Meal: Vju Hotel, Göhren.
Overnight: Koopmanns Hotel, Göhren (1st of 2 nights). Today's photos.
Breakfast in the roundhouse, then by train to the Insel Brauerei at Rambin for lunch; then by train via Bergen, Lauterbach Mole and Putbus to Göhren.

Thursday 20th July 2023

Göhren   08:49 P222 RB SL 99783 (750 mm gauge)
Binz LB 09:33     walk to
Ostseebad Binz   11:02 'RE9' 69914 ODEG EMU 4746304
Lietzow 11:19 11:39 'RE9' 63951 ODEG EMU 3462120
Sassnitz 11:54 13:02 'RE9' ODEG EMU 4746307
Bergen (Rügen) 13:25 13:40   PRESS DR 650032
Putbus 13:49 14:08   RB SL 994011 (750 mm gauge)
Jagdschloss 14:47     walk to Jagdschloss and back
Jagdschloss   16:02   RB SL 99783 (750mm gauge)
Göhren 16:27 16:27 '20' bus
Heimatsmuseum 16:29     short walk to/from hotel
Heimatsmuseum   17:26 '20' bus
Sellin Ost 17:43 17:44 '25' bus
Sellin Südstrand 17:47     walk to Seebrücke Sellin for evening meal; then walk to
Sellin Ost   22:07 P114 RB SL 991784 (750 mm gauge)
Binz LB 22:33 22:44 P115 RB SL 991784 (750 mm gauge)
Göhren 23:27      
Overnight: Koopmanns Hotel, Göhren (2nd of 2 nights). Today's photos.
A free day until we headed for the group meal. Two of us chose to do a circular train ride from Göhren via Binz to Sassnitz, then back via Bergen and Putbus to Göhren. Getting the first morning service to Linz LB we videoed the return departure for Göhren (see my Youtube video), with plenty of time left to walk across Linz to the main line station which is known as "Ostseebad Linz". Then we caught local trains via Lietzow to Sassnitz where we had time to have a look around the Sassnitz Hafen harbour area: I arrived here in the 1990s on a train ferry working from Sweden, when the train was pulled off the ship then hauled up the semicircular steep connecting line up to the main station. Continuing by local train via Bergen (Rügen) to Putbus we then caught a steam working back to Göhren, breaking our journey to walk up to the Jagdschloss and back on the way. In the evening we had a group meal at the Seebrücke (pier) at Sellin, followed by a run in the open coach in the dark from Sellin Ost to Binz and then back to Göhren.

Friday 21st July 2023

Göhren   11:53 P104 RB SL 994401 (750 mm gauge)
Putbus 13:06     depot visit
Putbus   15:11 PRE 74877 PRESS DR 650032
Bergen auf Rügen 15:20 15:26 'RE9' 63922 ODEG EMU 4746307
Rostock Hbf 16:55 17:06 'RB11' 13130 DB DMU 642050
Bad Doberan 17:27 17:45 MBB 14632 MBB SL 992324 (900 mm gauge)
Bad Doberan Stadtmitte 17:48     Evening Meal at Klosterküche
Overnight: Prinzenpalais Hotel, Bad Doberan (1 night). Today's photos.
A late start, then by train to Putbus for a specially arranged visit to the new and old depots; then by train via Bergen and Rostock to Bad Doberan.

Saturday 22nd July 2023

Bad Doberan Stadtmitte   09:39 MBB 14614 MBB SL 992323 (900 mm gauge) dep 14 late
Kühlungsborn West 10:21 11:35 MBB 14619 MBB SL 992324 (900 mm gauge)
Bad Doberan Stadtmitte 12:14     collect bags from hotel
Bad Doberan Stadtmitte   13:14 MBB 14621 MBB SL 992323 (900 mm gauge)
Bad Doberan 13:18 13:32 'RB11' 13122 DB DR 642183
Wismar 14:15 14:24 'RB17' 13163 DB EMU 442337
Bad Kleinen 14:38 15:00 'RE4' 33592 DB DMU 2x648
Lübeck Hbf 15:56 16:10 'RE8' 11425 DB EMU DD
Hamburg Hbf 16:53      
Hauptbahnhof Süd   17:02 'U1'  
Wandsbek Markt 17:13 17:21 '213' bus
Am Husarendenkmal 17:24     walk to and from hotel
Am Husarendenkmal   17:59 '23' bus
Wandsbek Markt 18:02 18:11 'U1'  
Hauptbahnhof Süd 18:20      
Hauptbahnhof/ZOB   18:28 '2' bus
Am Sandtorkai 18:37     visit to Miniatur WunderLand photos
Am Sandtorkai   00:56 '2' bus
Hauptbahnhof/ZOB 01:04      
Hauptbahnhof Süd   01:07 'U1'  
Wandsbek Markt 01:17 01:30 '23' bus
Am Husarendenkmal 01:34      
Overnight: Hotel Marienthal, Am Husarendenkmal 33, 22043 Hamburg (1 night). Today's photos (excluding Miniatur WunderLand).
By train to Kühlungsborn West, with time for a visit to the museum there and viewing the next train departure (see my YouTube video); then back to Bad Doberan to collect our bags from the hotel; then by train via Wismar, Bad Kleinen and Lübeck to Hamburg. Some of the group were in a hotel near Hamburg Hbf, I was in a hotel in Wandsbek, which needed a U-Bahn and a bus ride to get to. After checking in to the hotel we returned to Hamburg Hbf then continued into the Hamburg docklands where we spent a very enjoyable 6 hours in Miniatur Wunderland (see separate photo gallery and my YouTube video) - then back to the hotel early on the Sunday morning.

Sunday 23rd July 2023

Am Husarendenkmal   09:45 '23' bus
Wandsbek Markt 09:50 09:56 'U1'  
Hauptbahnhof Süd 10:06 10:23 'U3'  
Landungsbrücken 10:31      
Landungsbrücken Brücke 3   10:40 ferry '62' ferry "Wilhelmsburg"
Neumühlen/Övelgönne 10:57     visit to Övelgönne “museum harbour”
Neumühlen/Övelgönne   14:03 ferry '62' ferry "Oortkaten"
Landungsbrücken Brücke 1 14:22     walk through Elbtunnel
Steinwerder (Alter Elbtunnel)   14:44 '256' bus
Hafenmuseum 14:52     guided tour of sailing ship "Peking"
Hafenmuseum   16:31 '856' bus
Elbbrücken 16:38 16:41 'U4'  
Jungfernstieg 16:48 16:50 'U1'  
Ohlsdorf 17:07 17:15 'S1' DB EMU 5056
Hamburg Airport 17:19      
Hamburg (HAM)   18:40 KL1784 KLM Embraer E195-E2 PH-NHD; gate A18; push-back 19:07, take-off 19:15 from runway 23
Schiphol (AMS) 19:50     landed 19:57 on runway 18C, on stand 20:05
Schiphol (AMS)   21:15 KL1083 KLM B737-8K2 PH-BXL; gate D03; push-back 21:37, take-off 21:45 from runway 24
Manchester (MAN) 21:35 22:25   landed 21:39 on runway 05L, on stand 21:51 - taxi
Timperley 22:40     Today's photos.
A "ship" day. Firstly a ferry trip to visit the harbour museum at Övelgönne, looking at a couple of steam powered ships; then another ferry back to walk through the Elbtunnel, a foot tunnel under the river Elbe, to connect into a bus to the Hafenmuseum where we were shown around the steel-hulled four-masted bark "Peking". Then I had to get home, via bus, two U-Bahn rains and S-Bahn train to Hamburg Airport, flying via Amsterdam to Manchester with KLM.