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Thursday 20th July 2023 A free day. With one of the group we chose to do a circular train ride from Göhren via Binz to Sassnitz, then back via Bergen and Putbus to Göhren. Getting the first morning service to Linz LB we videoed the return departure for Göhren (see my Youtube video), with plenty of time left to walk across Linz to the main line station which is known as "Ostseebad Linz". Then we caught local trains via Lietzow to Sassnitz where we had time to have a look around the Sassnitz Hafen harbour area: I arrived here in the 1990s on a train ferry working from Sweden, when the train was pulled off the ship then hauled up the semicircular steep connecting line up to the main station. Continuing by local train via Bergen (Rügen) to Putbus we then caught a steam working back to Göhren, breaking our journey to walk up to the Jagdschloss and back on the way. In the evening we had a group meal the Seebrücke (pier) at Sellin, followed by a run in the open coach in the dark from Sellin Ost to Binz and back to Göhren.
Route: Göhren 08:49 (P222 SL 99783) - Binz LB 09:33; Ostseebad Binz 11:02 (RE9 69914 ODEG EMU 4746304) - Lietzow 11:19; 11:39 (RE9 63951 ODEG EMU 3462120) - Sassnitz 11:54; 13:02 (RE9 ODEG EMU 4746307+4746307) - Bergen (Rügen) 13:25; 13:40 (PRESS DR 650032) - Putbus 13:49; 14:08 (SL 994011) - Jagdschloss 14:47; walk to Jagdschloss and back; Jagdschloss 16:02 (SL 99783) - Göhren 16:27; 16:27 (bus route 20) - Heimatsmuseum 16:29; short walk to/from hotel; 17:26 (bus route 20) - Sellin Ost 17:43; 17:44 (bus route 25) - Sellin Südstrand 1747; walk to Seebrücke Sellin for evening meal; then walk to Sellin Ost 22:07 (P114 SL 991784) - Binz LB 22:33; 22:44 (P115 SL 991784) - Göhren 23:27. Walk to Hotel.