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Today's route: Slavonski Brod - Novska - Sunja - Zagreb Gl.K. - Gyékényes (Hungary) - Murakeresztúr - Čakovec (Croatia) - Zagreb Gl.K.
The Slavonski Brod hotel room was OK but when we went down for breakfast we were told that they didn't do any - we had to go to the Hotel Park! The receptionist, who spoke reasonable English, had not mentioned this the night before. So we packed our bags and went to the Hotel Park - where they told us we needed a voucher from the Hotel Brod! At this we gave up on the Hotel Trade in Slavonski Brod and walked to the station where we had coffees at a nearby cafe (no food unfortunately). However we got some nice omelettes in a cafe outside Novksa station. Novska to Sunja has only three train pairs per day. The second part of the day was dedicated to my two remaining Croatia - Hungary cross-border routes. I considered staying in Čakovec rather than Zagreb but the hotels in Čakovec are some way from the station.