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The main part of this trip (24 to 30 August) was organised by GIL Incentive- und Bildungsreisen, Margarete-Massias-Str. 14, D-69124 Heidelberg, Germany, and comprised a group of 20 enthusiasts from Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The party was led by Kai Hellwig, to whom I offer my thanks for a really good trip. I took the opportunity to spend a few days before and afterwards to do some more track in Croatia, and also to cover the passenger routes in Bosnia-Herzegovina that would not otherwise be travelled over.
An excellent trip which went almost perfectly. I've now covered about 75% of Croatian Railways, most of what I need is in the west (Rijeka, Pula, Zagreb - Knin - Zadar are the most significant). I have also done all the passenger services in Bosnia-Herzegovina (having done Požega - Podgorica two years ago).
Tickets used (excluding special trains): 7-day Euro Domino for Croatia, otherwise single journey tickets throughout.
See trip report for the full itinerary, traction details and notes.