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Glazebrook East Jn to Skelton Jn Line: Partington Jn to Carrington Power Station
This branch was always freight-only and diverged northwards from the Glazebrook East Jn - Skelton Jn line at Partington Jn, which was about 3 miles from Skelton Jn and about a mile before Partington station. It's original purpose was to serve Carrington Power Station, which was beyond the A6144 level crossing, but later also served the Chemical Works at Carrington, though this was usually known to the railway as Partington Works. A new Power Station has been built at Carrington, on the site of the old one, but it is not rail connected. I was on the Branch Line Society's "Liverpool & Manchester" Railtour on 29/02/1992 which covered this branch to the accessible limit at Partington works.
For an overview of the area, and historical details, please refer to this album.
For maps of the area see Google Maps or National Library of Scotland maps.