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A quick visit to Great Rocks Jn near Buxton this afternoon. I've visited the nearby Peak Forest several times but never Great Rocks. It controls the access into the huge Tunstead limestone quarries. The main line here opened to passengers in 1867 as an extension of the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midland Junction Railway, in practice a connecting line from a triangular junction at Millers Dale to a triangular junction at Chinley, and so it became part of the Midland Railway's main route between London and Manchester.
The route closed to passengers in 1968 but remains open between Chinley and Buxton to serve the quarries at Dove Holes Dale, Great Rocks Dale and Dowlow and Hindlow south east of Buxton.
I need to come back some time to have a look further south, a footpath leads nearer the quarries but it was just too muddy today, even with walking boots on!
All photos taken from public roads or paths.