Trip to Greece - August 2022

General Notes

A brief trip to Greece to use up some InterRail days and cover some track there that has re-opened since I last visited the country. Flight to Thessaloniki, one night in Lamia, one night in Athina, flight home from there.
Note: OSE (Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados), the train operator, was re-branded as Hellenic Train during 2022, but I have kept with the original acronym OSE.

Operating Company Abbreviations

  • OSE - Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados - the train operator in Greece. Re-branded as Hellenic Train during 2022.

Track gauge

Standard gauge (1435 mm).

Place Arrive Depart Train Traction details & notes

Monday 8th August 2022

Timperley   03:52   taxi
Manchester Airport T1 (MAN) 04:06 05:55 EZY1839 Easyjet  G-EZGX A320 push-back 05:58, take-off 06:32 from runway 23L
Thessaloníki Airport (SKG) 11:30 12:15 '01X' landed 11:43 on runway 34, on stand 11:47 - bus
Thessaloníki (railway station) 13:00 14:45 IC 59 OSE EL 120-015
Lianokladi  17:06 17:25   arr 13 late - OSE bus dep 10 late
Lamia (railway station) 17:50      
New passenger track today: new main line between Domokos and Lianokladi.
Overnight: Overnight Hotel Athina (1 night). Today's photos.
Everything worked well today. Main aim today was the new main line between Domokos and Lianokladi, opened and electrified a year or so ago to replace the original very curvy and non-electrified route. Bus to Lamia (on the Stylida branch from Lianokladi), only the first few trains per day are trains, according to the OSE schedules. Lamia is a decent size regional centre with several hotels and plenty of paces to eat; though a steep walk up to the centre from the station.

Tuesday 9th August 2022

Lamia   10:30   OSE bus
Lianokladi 10:55 11:07 IC 53 OSE EL 120-014 dep 11 late
Athína 13:03 14:51 1318 OSE EMU 460-115
Ano Liosia 14:51 15:51 1320 OSE EMU 460-118
Kiato 16:55 17:03 308 OSE DMU 560-104+560-108
Aegio 17:55 18:00 309 OSE DMU 560-108+560-104
Kiato 18:52 18:59 1329 EMU 460-110
Athína  20:21      
Omonio   22:23 'M2' Athína metro
Stathmos Larissa 22:26      
New passenger track today: Kiato - Aegio.
Overnight: Overnight Hotel Ariston (1 night). Today's photos.
My original plan was to get the 08:09 train from Lamia to Lianokladi, to travel on the only pair of trains that are booked to run via the old main line between Lianokladi and Tithorea. I was in considerable doubt that these would actually run, as the other services via the intermediate stations are in the schedules as buses; they are simply a remnant of the service before the new faster route opened a couple of years ago. I later worked out that the train from Lamia was in fact a bus, but I hadn't seen this from where I was standing on the station platform. This of course meant that I missed the two "rare" trains; I didn't need the track as I'd been that way many times before the new line opened. However if they had run, I would have seen it arrive back in Lianokladi when I did eventually get there on the later bus. Also what I could see of the relevant track looked rather rusty even for what I assume would be a lightweight DMU. Nothing significant missed but I'd like to know the true situation. Anyway I continued to Athína to check into my usual hotel there, opposite the station. Then to the Peloponnese to cover the extension beyond Kiato to Aegio that opened in June 2020; I had an hour spare so spent it at Ano Liosia looking at the old metre gauge route there.

Wednesday 10th August 2022

Athína    09:21   OSE EMU 460-109
Renti 09:30 09:32   DMU 560-107+560-106
Piraeus 09:37      
walk to Piraeus metro stop
Piraeus   10:15 'M1' Athína metro
Faliro 10:20      
walk to Neo Faliro tram stop
Neo Faliro   10:37 '7' tram 20052 via Agia Triada (Piraeus loop)
Asklipio Voulas 11:48 12:06 '7' tram 20037
Platio Vaso Katrak 12:14 13:05 '7' tram 20059 lunch break
Pikrodafni 13:22 13:25 '6' tram 20055
Syntagma 14:03      
walk to Syntagma metro stop
Syntagma   14:19 'M2' Athína metro
Elliniko 14:35 14:43 'M2' Athína metro
Syntagma 14:58 15:06 'M3' Athína metro
Nikea 15:22 15:24 'M3' Athína metro
Dou Kissis Plakentias 15:58 16:09   OSE EMU 460-115
Ano Liosia 16:25 16:30   OSE EMU 460-115
Nerantziotissa 16:41 16:43 'M1' Athína metro
Attiki 17:05      
walk to Athína (Stathmos Larissa)
Athína   19:05   OSE EMU 460-101
Athens Airport (ATH) 19:49 22:55 EZY1942 Easyjet G-EZGK A320 push-back 23:24, take-off 23:42 from runway 03L
Manchester Airport (MAN) 00:55 ??:??   landed 01:08 on runway 23R, on stand 01:12 - taxi
Timperley ??:??     Today's photos.
New passenger track today: Proastiakos: SKA Kiato line platform to Metamorfosi; Metro route 2 extension from Agios Dimitrios to Elliniko; Metro route 3 extension from Egaleo to Nikaia (further extension to Piraeus/Dimotiko Theatro opens summer 2022?); Tram route T7 (former T4/T5) westwards extension from SEF to Piraeus; Tram route T7 south to Asklipieio Voulas (former T3/T5); Tram route T6 east side of triangle (Syntagma – Pikrodafni) (former T5).
A day finishing off things around Athína. First was the new route 7 tram loop around Piraeus, then down to the southern end of route 7 at Asklipio Voulas. Back to Platio Vaso Katraki for some lunch, then on to Pikrodafni where route 6 starts, to the end of that route at Syntagma. I had previously done Piraeus to Syntagma, that route no longer runs, and the north curve at Pikrodafni which I did then no longer has a service! Next to do the two metro extensions, line 2 to Elliniko and line 3 to Nikea. Finally a section of the Airport - Kiato route where it bypasses Athína that had been shut for engineering works when I was here some years ago (I had tried to do this yesterday but the train I was planning to get was cancelled). Finally by train from Athína to the Airport for a late flight home.