General Notes

Trains and other transport travelled on are listed with the following information:
Place - arrival time - departure time - train or 'service' number - traction details
Traction is generally listed, together with the operating company, as:
  EL - electric locomotive
  DL - diesel locomotive
  SL - steam locomotive
plus the locomotive's number, or
  EMU - electric multiple unit
  DMU - diesel multiple unit
plus the unit's set numbers, or
  DR - diesel railcar
  ER - electric railcar
  DT - driving trailer
plus the railcar's number, plus the number of trailers (T) hauled if any. Conventional coaches (C) are only shown if necessary to aid clarity. (P) indicates that the locomotive is pushing the train, not leading it.
Multiple formations are linked with "+" signs.
* in the first column indicates a change in traction details.
Platform numbers are added to times in [brackets].
Train lateness is normally only indicated where greater than 5 minutes. Train times in italics are actual times, where booked times are not known; all other times are the booked times not the actual times.