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Wednesday 29th March 2023 Drive to Bitola for the train to Žabeni and back; then driving via Kičevo back to Skopje.
Route: Car: Skopje - view Šivec branch - Bitola; Bitola 10:30 (iR641, ŽRSMT DMU 711-006/005, dep 75 late) - Žabeni 10:39 (arr 78 late); 11:00 (iR642, ŽRSMT DMU 711-005/006, dep 64 late) - Bitola 11:09 (arr 67 late); car: Bitola - Krivari station - Kremenica - Kičevo station - Lakavica area - Gostivar - Skopje.
Note regarding the Bitola <-> Žabeni train service: the only place I have found this advertised is on the Macedonian Railways Infrastructure Manager (Železnici na Republika Severna Makedonija Infrastruktura, ŽRSMI) website where a downloadable PDF file showing the full list of arrival and departures for Skopje can be found. This file had been updated to show the Žabeni workings after those started on 1st February 2023, but all of the printed posters at both Bitola and Skopje are older versions not showing the Žabeni trains. The train operator website has a poor quality list of trains which not only does not show the Žabeni workings, but also shows the train services to Kičevo and Kočani that the ŽRSMI PDF file correctly shows as "not running".