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Photos taken on a trip to the Isle of Man, now that the Covid-19 travel restrictions have eased. This album concentrates on the disused railways on the island: see also photos of the electric railways on the island taken on the same trip.
Historical notes: The Isle of Man Railway opened between Douglas and Peel via St John's in 1873 and between Douglas and Port Erin in 1874. The Manx Northern Railway opened between St John's and Ramsey in 1879. The Foxdale Railway opened between St John's and Foxdale in 1886. All were steam operated and 3 ft (914 mm) gauge. At various times all these railways were operated by the Isle of Man Railway company. Total network length was about 46 miles.
The Foxdale branch closed in 1940; the others closed for various periods in the 1960s, but in 1968 all finally closed except for the Douglas - Port Erin line which remains open to this day.