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Thursday 23/01/2020. Firstly by train to Alès and back to cover the new curve to that line; last time I was in the area these trains reversed at Courbessac yard. Then a walk around the centre of Nîmes looking at the Roman Amphitheatre - no time to look around inside. Then by No.121 bus to the Pont du Gard, see separate album. On the return from the Pont du Gard I had a look around the station site at Vers-Pont-du-Gard, there appears to still be some freight traffic on this short branch from Remoulins. Finally a further look around Nîmes including the Roman Temple.
During the day I found out that flooding south of Beziers had blocked the line towards Narbonne and Spain, my intended route for the next day - and all trains were cancelled. Needing to be in Madrid by Friday evening I searched for alternatives, and found a sensibly-priced flight from Marseille to Madrid on the Friday evening.