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P8295370.JPG VreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovacVreociThumbnailsObrenovac

TENT (Termoelektrana 'Nicola Tesla') electric locomotives E443-02 and E441-05 at the coal loading plant at Vreoci. The loaded trains run to one of the two TENT power stations at Obrenovac or Vorbis, each around 30 km away. JŽ (Jugoslovenske Železnice, Jugoslav Railways) diesel railcar B812-017 stands alongside with the GIL charter train.