Dutton Viaduct area - May 2018
2018 / Dutton Viaduct area - May 2018
Today 28/05/2018 I walked a circular route from Acton Bridge station around part of the Weaver Navigation. This is an area I've seen many times from trains travelling over Dutton Viaduct.
The Weaver is Cheshire's main river, some 50 miles long. The lower section, from Winsford to the River Mersey, was made navigable in 1732 for the salt trade. The navigation channel has changed many times over the years to suit larger boats.
Dutton Viaduct was built in 1836 to carry the Grand Junction Railway (Birmingham to Warrington). When Dutton Locks were built in the 1870s the resulting change in routing caused the navigation to pass through different arches of the viaduct.
Metrolink Trafford Park line - Construction Works - August 2018
2018 / Metrolink Trafford Park line - Construction Works - August 2018
Photos taken with my mobile phone during a cycle ride around the works for the new tram route. Planned for completion 2020-2021.
Bolton Great Moor Street approaches
2017 / Bolton area closed lines - February 2017 / Bolton Great Moor Street approaches
Photos from an exploration of the approach routes into Bolton's Great Moor Street station, today 11/02/2017.
The first railway into Bolton was the Bolton & Leigh Railway, which opened for goods traffic on 28/02/1828, so pre-dating the Liverpool & Manchester Railway by several years. Great Moor Street station replaced the original Derby Street station in 1831, by which time the line had been extended to Kenyon Junction on the Liverpool & Manchester line. The Leigh line became an LNWR route in the 1846 mergers. A second line from here was built, to Manchester Exchange via Roe Green and Eccles, in 1875.
The original route out of Bolton towards Daubhill (towards Leigh) was very steep, this was replaced by an easier route (and a tunnel) in 1885. I haven't had chance to see what is left of the original route yet.
Passenger services ceased in 1954; closure to goods traffic was in 1964/1966.
The Roe Green line is walkable/cyclable to Worsley. Almost none of the Leigh/Kenyon line is accessible.
Burnden and Darcy Lever Viaducts
2017 / Bolton area closed lines - February 2017 / Burnden and Darcy Lever Viaducts
Part two of today's look at closed railways around Bolton. 11/02/2017.
The Liverpool and Bury Railway opened in 1848, and ran from Liverpool Exchange to Bury (Knowsley Street) via Kirkby, Wigan Wallgate, Westhoughton and Bolton Trinity Street. This is all open for traffic today except for the short section into Liverpool Exchange and the section from Bolton to Bury which closed in 1970. There are two significant viaducts close to Bolton, which I visited this afternoon.
Burnden Viaduct crosses the valley of the River Croal, now also crossing the A666 St Peters Way.
Darcy Lever Viaduct is somewhat longer, crossing the valley of the River Tonge.
Both are of the same lattice design and are easily accessible. They have been fitted with wire mesh sides and roof to prevent vandalism, which spoils the views somewhat - but at least they haven't been knocked down!
Beograd Centar - October 2017
2017 / Beograd Centar - October 2017
A visit to what is supposed to be the new central railway station (sometimes called "Prokop") for Beograd, to replace the old terminus known as Beograd Glavna Železnička Stanica. All photos taken by myself 01/10/2017.
The old terminus closed on and from 1 July 2018, but I haven't been to Centar since then to see what it is like.