Partington & Carrington - March 2020
2020 / Partington & Carrington - March 2020
Partington and Carrington, 21/03/2020.
Another bike ride, just a few miles from home, exploring some of the disused railways around Partington and Carrington.
The first section is the former Glazebrook East Jn to Skelton Jn line, which was built by the Cheshire Lines Committee and opened for freight traffic in March 1873, and September 1873 for passenger traffic. The western end of the line was deviated to the south in 1893 when the Manchester Ship Canal was built. Local passenger train services ceased in 1964 and the line last carried through passenger services in 1966. The costs of maintaining the bridge over the Ship Canal at Cadishead were cited as the reason for final closure as a through route in 1984. I travelled over the route throughout on a railtour on 06/03/1982, then later from the Skelton Jn end as far as Partington works on a railtour on 29/02/1992, so I have previously travelled over most of what I have photographed today. For photos of the same route but further east please see my other gallery here.
For overall maps of the area see Google Maps or National Library of Scotland maps.
Jugoslavia - August/September 2001
2001 / Jugoslavia - August/September 2001
Trip to Hungary, Jugoslavia and Croatia - see trip report.
At the time these photos were taken, the country's name was Jugoslavia, and the railway company was called JŽ - Jugoslovenske Železnice (Jugoslav Railways). The country was officially renamed "Serbia and Montenegro" in 2003.
Austria - September 2000
2000 / Austria - September 2000
Photos from a trip to Austria and Germany in September 2000. See trip report.