Paul Steane - Overseas Visit Reports

Trips, in reverse date order

September 2019 to Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Poland

April 2013 to Greece

March 2013 to Morocco

May 2012 to Germany

May 2012 to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

May 2012 to Latvia and Lithuania

September / October 2011 to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia

April / May 2010 to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia (including Turkey and Greece, briefly)

December 2004 to Germany

May 2004 to Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia

April 2004 to Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany

October 2003 to Czech Republic

August/September 2003 to Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia (and Hungary, briefly)

July 2003 to Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine

April 2003 to Germany (and France, briefly)

December 2002 to Germany

October 2002 to Hungary (via Austria)

August and September 2002 to Austria and Hungary

April and May 2002 to Hungary and Slovakia (via Austria, and including Ukraine and Romania)

March and April 2002 to Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia

August and September 2001 to Yugoslavia (via Hungary and Croatia)

July 2001 to Germany and Czech Republic

July 2001 to Belgium

Late May 2001 to Germany

Early May 2001 to Germany and Switzerland

April 2001 to Austria and Hungary (and Slovenia, briefly)

October 2000 to Czech Republic and Poland, via Austria

September 2000 to Germany and Austria (and Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary briefly)

July 2000 to Vienna (Wien) (with day trip to Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic)

April 2000 to Slovakia and Czech Republic (and Hungary and Austria briefly)

March 2000 to Germany and Austria

October 1999 to Slovakia (and Hungary briefly)

September 1999 to Czech Republic and Slovakia

August 1999 to Germany

July 1999 to Australia (Business trip)

April 1999 to Czech Republic and Slovakia

January 1999 to Australia (and Hong Kong briefly) (Business trip)

January 1999 to Sweden (and Denmark briefly) (Business trip)

November 1998 to Australia (and Hong Kong briefly) (Business trip)

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General Notes

Trains and other transport travelled on are listed with the following information:
Place - arrival time - departure time - train or 'service' number - traction details
Traction is generally listed, together with the operating company, as:
  EL - electric locomotive
DL - diesel locomotive
  SL - steam locomotive
plus the locomotive's number, or
  EMU - electric multiple unit
  DMU - diesel multiple unit
plus the unit's set numbers, or
  DR - diesel railcar
ER - electric railcar
  DT - driving trailer
plus the railcar's number, plus the number of trailers (T) hauled if any. Conventional coaches (C) are only shown if necessary to aid clarity.
Multiple formations are linked with "+" signs.
* in the first column indicates a change in traction details.
Train lateness is normally only indicated where greater than 5 minutes. Train times in italics are actual times, where booked times are not known; all other times are the booked times not the actual times.

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