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DSCF3454.JPG OcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheniOcniţaThumbnailsUngheni

Moldovan Railways (CFM) 3TE10M-1246A arriving at Ungheni with train 342, the Moskva to Chișinău sleeper service. These are single ended locomotives (originally in 3 parts, hence the "3TE" designation) but generally only run singly on passenger trains. As train 342 reverses direction here at Ungheni, 3TE10M-1246A will need to uncouple from the train and turn on the turntable at Ungheni depot.

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