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P5090012.JPG MayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopjeMayrhofenThumbnailsSkopje

OSE diesel locomotive 220 030 stands at Idoméni station whilst working train 410 northwards from Thessaloníki. This loco will be replaced by a Macedonian Railways electric at Gevgelija, just across the border. Though the whole line is nominally electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz, the Greek section was being worked at this date by diesels due to long term engineering works. Train 410 works through to Beograd and Ljubljana, hence the JŽ (Jugoslav Railways) restaurant car at the rear and Slovenian coaches.

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