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SAM_5173.JPG AchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoliAchlodokamposThumbnailsTripoli

During a break at Tripoli the train was reformed to put A.9105 on the front and A.9101 on the rear. Since running "long hood first" is disliked for visibility reasons, A.9105 was run around the depot/station triangle here at Tripoli, this view shows this manoeuvre in progress. The draisine had had to be moved to get a clear road.