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SAM_4954.JPG EleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokamposEleochoriThumbnailsAchlodokampos

Viewed from the train, the new viaduct at Achladokampos comes into view from some distance away. This viaduct was built in 1974 to replace the original destroyed in 1944. In between these dates a line was built up each side of the valley to a reversal point called Sirtis. This short-term route is now abandoned but the northern leg is used for stock storage. Some of the stored carriages can be seen in this picture, to the right of the large viaduct.

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