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20221113_153341.jpg EntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegreEntroncamentoThumbnailsPortalegre

Comboios de Portugal (CP) class 0350 "Allan" diesel railcar 0365 at Portalegre, working train 5503, 13:36 Entroncamento to Badajoz. We had a brief pause here to cross train 5500, which we should have crossed nearly an hour previously at Torre das Vargens; however that train was late. It had been decided to amend the crossing point to keep 5503 nearer to time to maintain the 10 minute connection at Badajoz into a Madrid train.