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SAM_4559.JPG KatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussaKatakoloThumbnailsAlfioussa

Olympia station: OSE metre gauge DMU 4305 arrives from Pyrgos to form the 07:33 return working to Katakolo. With over half of the railtour participants staying in Olympia, the platform was rather more crowded than normal - there were only two or three locals waiting for the train. The Olympia - Pyrgos - Katakolo and Patra suburban services are the only metre gauge passenger services currently running in Greece.

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