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20220913_154441.jpg IrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalenciaIrúnThumbnailsPalencia

RENFE Media Distancia EMU 449055 in platform 1 at Palencia, working train MD 18014 from San Sebastián/Donostia to Madrid Principe Pio via Burgos and Avila; the train reverses direction here. Platforms 3 and 5, to the right, are the standard gauge platforms here. Platform 1 is wired at 3000 V dc, platforms 3 and 5 at 25 kV 50 Hz.