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20220913_094254.jpg Irún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrúnIrún-ColónThumbnailsIrún

The mass of tracks just north of the main station in Irún, looking towards Hendaye in France. Some of these tracks are standard gauge, some are broad gauge. Also here, on certain tracks, is the overhead supply voltage change between the French 1500 V dc and the Spanish 3000 V dc. If necessary, Spanish locomotives can run under 1500 V dc at reduced power.