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20220602_130455.jpg RorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschachRorschachThumbnailsRorschach

Rorschach-Heiden-Bergbahn train 'S25' 5023 from Rorschach Hafen to Heiden at the junction station at Rorschach. BDeh 3/6 railcar 25 is pushing three two-axle trailers: the railcar is rack fitted for the steep section between Rorschach's main station and the summit at Heiden. The Rorschach-Heiden-Bergbahn is part of the Appenzeller Bahnen network.

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