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HŽ (Hrvatske Željeznice, Croatian Railways) diesel locomotive at Knin with the 07:30 GIL (see trip notes) special charter train to Martin Brod in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The route to Martin Brod only re-opened in 2001 and has seen occasional freight traffic. It crosses the Croatia/Bosnia-Hercegovina border a total of seven times. Note that Knion station area is wired: this was only for the line via Martin Brod; the route as far as Bihać has largely been de-wired, and from there to Blatna the wiring is in place but out of use. There were plans for a passenger service over the Knin - Martin Brod - Bihać line, restoring a link closed during the civil war, but this has never happened and by the mid 2010s the Knin - Martin Brod had closed to all traffic again.