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Glazebrook (Cadishead)

022129_0024_a.jpg Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)Glazebrook (Cadishead)ThumbnailsGlazebrook (Cadishead)

The British (or Lancashire) Tar Distillers sidings at Glazebrook, in July 1993 (exact date unknown). The sidings are on the course of the Glazebrook East Jn to Skelton Jn line opened by the Cheshire Lines Committee in 1873. From 1893 the route was replaced by Manchester Ship Canal Railway Deviation No.4, the embankment of which can be seen to the right - also Cadishead viaduct over the Ship Canal itself. The Manchester Ship Canal itself is just beyond the buffer stops at the end of the sidings. The Ship Canal company built these sidings for transfer from boats on the Canal to trains. The sidings closed to rail traffic in about 1999.