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Pula "obala"

P4080013.JPG AjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofenAjdovščinaThumbnailsMayrhofen

At this time, most Pula trains run to and from Pula "obala", a roadside stopping-place a few minutes beyond Pula station; this was advertised in local posters but not in the timetable Vozni Red. Ex-Swedish Railways Fiat-built railcar 7 122 001 has just arrived at Pula "obala" on the 13:11 arrival from Buzet.

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