Business Trip to Sweden - January 1999

including, briefly, Denmark

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Place Arrive Depart Train Traction details & notes

Tuesday 12th January 1999

Timperley 05:22   Taxi
Manchester Airport (MAN) Terminal 1 05:34 06:50 SK1540 SAS MD-81 OY-KHG dep 60 late due to snow
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) 10:35     missed 10:35 to Västerås - next is 15:05 - need something to pass the time - go and do some required line!
Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup 11:35   DSB EMU 2x12 + 2x11
København H 11:49 12:04   DSB DL ME1505
Høje Taastrup 12:18 12:37   DSB EMU 2x15
Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup 13:01      
Copenhagen Airport (CPH)   15:05 SK1820 SAS Fokker 50 OY-KAI still snowing, dep 30 late
Västerås Airport (VST) 16:30     arr 30 late
Västerås Airport   17:20   Taxi
Tillberga depot 17:50      
The ALSTOM-built trainsets for the future Arlanda Airport services are being commissioned at the TGOJ depot at Tillberga, which is near suitable test tracks and routes (e.g. the newly-rebuilt Västerås - Stockholm line is suitable for 200km/h running). This is ironic as ALSTOM's competitor ADtranz have their main plant nearby at Västerås.
Tillberga depot sidings   18:55 testing Arlanda EMU Trainset 1
Tillberga depot sidings 19:10      
by car to Hotel in Västerås
New track today: Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup - north curve (-København H); (Høje Taastrup -) south curve - Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup; Tillberga depot sidings.

Wednesday 13th January 1999

by car from Hotel to Tillberga depot
Tillberga depot sidings   11:22 testing Arlanda EMU Trainset 3
Tillberga depot sidings 11:40      
Tillberga depot sidings   14:00 testing Arlanda EMU Trainset 3
via Headshunt (rev) - goods line alongside Tillberga station (rev 14:30/14:35) - onto test track (remains of former line towards Enköping) for ATC tests (many reversals) - goods line alongside Tillberga station (rev) - Headshunt (rev)
Tillberga depot sidings 15:30     Photo Available
by car to Hotel in Västerås
New track today: Tillberga depot - Tillberga station - remains of former line towards Enköping.

Thursday 14th January 1999

testing Arlanda EMU Trainset 1
via Headshunt (rev) - goods line alongside Tillberga station (14:55) - Västerås Norra (rev 15:05/15:09 - alongside ADtranz plant) - 200km/h running - deliberate emergency stop test from 200km/h near Orresta
Enköping 15:28     just missed 15:27 return train to Västerås
Enköping station   15:40   Taxi
Västerås Airport (VST) 16:05 16:55 SK1821 SAS Fokker 50 OY-KAG
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) 18:25 19:30 SK???? SAS MD-81 OY-DFY dep 90 late
Manchester Airport (MAN) 21:44     arr ~90 late
Manchester Airport   22:00   Taxi
Timperley 22:12      
New track today: Tillberga station - Västerås Norra - Enköping

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