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The following photographs were taken on a trip to Bosnia-Hercegovina in August 2003 - see trip report.

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ŽFBH (Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine) electric locomotive 441-411 has just backed onto train 397, Zagreb to Ploče via Sarajevo, at Doboj on 22 August 2003 - and is just lowering its pantograph. Doboj is where through trains across Bosnia-Hercegovina change locomotives from ŽRS (Željeznice Republike Srpske) to ŽFBH. Note that 441-411 is still showing itself as belonging to ŽBH, the former name of ŽFBH. Bosnia-Hercegovina has a train operator for each of its regional entities, with an umbrella organisation BHŽJK (Bosansko Hercegovačka Željeznička Javna Korporacija), which is based in Doboj, co-ordinating activities such as timetabling and fare management.
Photograph taken on 22/08/2003 at 14:19
Rebuilt in 2001 but not yet seeing any passenger traffic, the line between Knin in Croatia and Bihać in Bosnia-Hercegovina crosses the border a total of seven times. Martin Brod has been designated the official border station, seen here occupied by charter trains organised by "GIL Incentive- und Bildungsreisen" of Heidelberg, Germany. On the left, HŽ 2062 113 has arrived from Knin, and ŽFBH 661-323 will work forward to Bihać and Novi Grad. The ŽRS coach behind 661-323 has been donated by Swedish Railways.
Photograph taken on 24/08/2003 at 08:56
ŽRS locomotive 212 019-4 has just arrived at Doboj on a local service from Petrovo Novo on 24 August 2003. Apart from painting the company name on it, not much seems to have changed since this loco was working in Germany - it is still showing as being as allocated to Darmstadt shed.
Photograph taken on 24/08/2003 at 17:32
ŽFBH electric locomotive 441-404 at Doboj on 26 August 2003, showing the new ŽFBH livery and markings. Behind it are derelict electric multiple units, some of which still show markings for the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.
Photograph taken on 26/08/2003 at 09:25
Industrial steam in action: standard gauge steam locomotive 62-677 at Banovići near Tuzla on 26 August 2003. The locomotive was being used to shunt the wagons as they were being loaded, ready for taking away to the power station.
Photograph taken on 26/08/2003 at 15:34
Industrial steam in action: 760mm gauge steam locomotive 25-30 at Banovići near Tuzla on 26 August 2003. This loco was only dragging the loaded wagons through the unloading area, the task of bringing the coal down from the mines at Grivice and Omazići falling to a number of class 720 diesels.
Photograph taken on 26/08/2003 at 15:47

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