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Photos taken during business trips to the Melbourne area, Victoria, Australia in 1998/1999 - see trip report.

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This is Comeng motor coach 322M at Belgrave on Sunday 6th February 1999 during the proving trials of a prototype traction control system which I had been heavily involved with over the previous year. Belgrave is the summit of the electrified network in Melbourne and is approached over a long steep gradient, so is a favourite place for test trains to operate to. This route, and this train, was privatised as part of the Hillside Trains franchise (later Connex).
Photograph taken on 06/02/1999 at 10:10
This 38-span timber trestle viaduct crosses Diamond Creek (behind the camera) just south of Eltham station on the Hurstbridge line from Melbourne, and is the last surviving such structure on the Melbourne suburban network. It is a listed structure and as such has defied attempts at modernisation. A Comeng train with motor coach 622M leading crosses in January 1999.
Photograph taken on 22/01/1999 at 17:30
V/Line diesel locomotive A70 runs round its train at Frankston before forming the 13:00 service to Stony Point.
Photograph taken on 14/11/1998 at 12:41

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