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Czech Republic

Some of the following photographs were taken during the October 2003 GIL trip to the Czech Republic - see trip report.

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Number 1470, one of the last surviving Tatra T2 type trams, carrying "40 years of T2 Trams in Brno" signs. Taken outside the main station in Brno in 1998, the driver deliberately slowed down when he realised he was being photographed to avoid a tram passing the other way - much to the amazement of his passengers!
Photograph taken on 14/04/1998
Here I am (second from the left) with three friends at Mladeč. At the time, 15 April 1998, this short (6km) branch had just a few trains on certain (inconvenient) days of the year only, and now has no passenger service at all. However it was possible to charter a train on the branch for a price equivalent to 50 tickets, so this is our end-of-line group photograph having spent the princely sum of about GBP4 on our own special train. The camera is set for time-delayed exposure and is balanced on the buffer beam of the diesel railcar 810 121-4 (engine switched off).
Photograph taken on 15/04/1998
This is claimed to be the shortest international railway in the world, at 105m long. Called "Pošumavská Jižní Dráha" or "Böhmerwald Südbahn", it is located at the border between Czech Republic (Nové Údolí) and Germany (Haidmühle), in the "no-mans land" between the two border posts - the German border hut can be seen in the picture.
Part of the line (!) is on the alignment of the closed railway route between Nové Údolí and Haidmühle. Nové Údolí ČD station is nearby.
Photograph taken on 16/10/2003 at 12:10
At Hořelice, the secondary line between Beroun and Praha crosses the route of a long freight line to the quarry at Mořina. Access to this line requires a reversal, to the left of this view; beyond the reversal point the line used to continue to Kladno. ČD railcar 810 278-2 is posed for photographs whilst on a GIL special to Mořina, with a service train at the higher level heading for Beroun.
Photograph taken on 17/10/2003 at 15:29
ČD railcar 810 278-2 stands in the remains of the steelworks at Kladno.
Photograph taken on 18/10/2003 at 11:44
Preserved railcar M240 0089 (ČD 820 089-1) on the "small" loop at the Cerhenice test track.
Photograph taken on 19/10/2003 at 12:39
Preserved railcar M240 0089 stands next to one of ČD's newest possessions - a FIAT/ALSTOM "Pendolino" at Cerhenice for testing.
Photograph taken on 19/10/2003 at 12:58

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