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A Ganz-built UZ broad gauge diesel multiple unit, with vehicle Д1656-1 leading, arrives at Borzhava on a Solotvino to Batjevo local working.
Photograph taken on 29/04/2002 at 12:14
The special train itself: UZ diesel locomotive ЧМЭ3-1867 with the Lvov "General Manager's Saloon" at Vilok. There are some Hungarian-speaking parts of Ukraine, and Vilok's station building also displays the Hungarian name Tiszaújlak.
Photograph taken on 29/04/2002 at 12:36
Most of the route taken by the charter train is dual gauge 1520mm/1435mm, and is single track with passing loops. The closeness of the gauges means that it is not possible to use a common rail, so track layouts are complex at stations and junctions. In this picture, taken at Vilok, the standard gauge can be seen deviating to the right to allow the broad gauge loops to join from the left. Standard (1435mm) gauge freight trains between Halmeu (Romania) and Čierna nad Tisou (Slovakia) operate over this route, via Korolevo, Batjevo and Chop.
Photograph taken on 29/04/2002 at 12:39
760mm gauge locomotive ТУ2-020 heads a train out of Vinogradov towards Hmel'nik.
Photograph taken on 29/04/2002 at 13:04
UZ (Ukraine Railways) double electric locomotive ВЛ11-111 has just backed on to the charter train at Batjevo ready to work to Užhorod. The UZ diesel locomotive 2M62-1241 that had worked the train from Eperjeske Rendező is visible at the rear. 19 July 2003.
Photograph taken on 19/07/2003 at 16:49
UZ electric multiple unit EP2-315 on arrival at Užhorod with a local service from Čop on 19 July 2003. The charter train is standing alongside.
Photograph taken on 19/07/2003 at 19:28
MÁV (Hungarian Railways) diesel locomotive M40 910 stands at Čop on 21 July 2003, ready to work the 14:00 cross-border service to Záhony in Hungary. Note the Cyrillic and Roman versions of the station name on the building.
Photograph taken on 21/07/2003 at 13:03

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