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On my first visit to Kosovo, in 2004, trains within Kosovo were being operated by UNMIK, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo.

On my second visit, in 2010, trains were being operated by HK, Hekurudhat e Kosovës (Kosovo Railways).

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UNMIK locomotive 3641 heads a rake of former-Swedish Railways stock at Lešak. The train is 4303, the 16:20 arrival from Fushë-Kosovë/Kosovo Polje.

At the time, internal services within Kosovo were being worked by this type of stock, and a ticket for any journey cost the princely sum of EUR0.50. Di3.641 was formerly a Norwegian State Railways locomotive.

These services have not run since about 2008 due to the political situation in northern Kosovo.
Photograph taken on 10/05/2004 at 16:38
UNMIK locomotive 3619 at Fushë-Kosovë/Kosovo Polje, working train 4103, the 18:42 to Hani i Elezit/Đeneral Janković.
Photograph taken on 15/05/2004 at 18:06
HK diesel locomotive 007 has arrived at Prishtinë, having brought train 892 from the Macedonian border at Hani-i-Elezit. The line to Prishtinë wasn't open when I was last in Kosovo in 2004.
Photograph taken on 05/05/2010 at 19:29
HK diesel locomotive 005 is running round its train at Prishtinë before forming train 4201, the 07:50 to Pejë.
Photograph taken on 06/05/2010 at 07:48
HK diesel locomotive 005 at Pejë ready to form train 4200, the 11:10 to Prishtinë. Note the two former Austrian Railways coaches. Quite a scenic line and a pleasant town at the end of it. Again, this line wasn't open when I was last in Kosovo in 2004.
Photograph taken on 06/05/2010 at 10:53

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