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The scenic 61km branch from Podgorica to Nikšić in Montenegro is advertised to see two return passenger services per day, but in early September 2001 there were no servicable locomotives available to work the trains. On 3 September 2001, thanks to the kindness and generosity of local railway staff, this draisine was made available to take a small group of enthusiasts to Nikšić (pictured) and back.
Photograph taken on 03/09/2001 at 11:14
This interesting "train running" board was photographed at Nikšić on 3 September 2001. It is not known when the last passenger train from Podgorica ran to here, but train '8102' seems to be shown as being 60 minutes late, and from "Titograd" as Podgorica was known from 1944 to 1992.

The line from Titograd/Podgorica to Nikšić was only built in 1948, at 760mm gauge, and re-gauged to standard in 1966.

The board also has provision for reporting of trains from Hum, now in Bosnia; this was opened in stages between 1901 and 1938, and closed in 1976. This route was always 760mm gauge.
Photograph taken on 03/09/2001 at 11:16
The Mala Rijeka viaduct is the highest railway viaduct in the world, being 198m (650ft) from rail level to river level. It lies in Montenegro between Kolašin and Podgorica on the Beograd - Bar line and was completed in 1976. This view was taken on 3 September 2001 from the afternoon Bar to Beograd train a short distance before curving around onto the viaduct. The river bed (dry on this date) is at the bottom of the gorge between the two tallest piers.
Photograph taken on 03/09/2001 at 16:19
Still showing markings for JŽ (Jugoslovenske Železnice, Jugoslav Railways), diesel locomotive 744-011 stands at Tuzi. This locomotive is now operated by ŽCG - Železnice Crne Gore (Montenegran Railways). The train is a special to Podgorica from Tuzi, which is on the freight-only route into Montenegro from Albania.
Photograph taken on 14/05/2004 at 15:06

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