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Hong Kong

En route to Melbourne on a business trip, the flight timings allowed me to spend a whole day in Hong Kong. This photo was taken on this short visit - see report.

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A refurbished Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation train at Kowloon Tong station on 10 November 1998. The Hung Hom (Kowloon) to Lo Wu section must be one of the most intensively-worked "suburban" (rather than "metro") systems in the world, with 12-car trains running at better than 5-minute intervals for most of the day, interspersed with main-line passenger and freight trains. To improve capacity all the trains have been rebuilt with intermediate driving cabs removed and seating altered, and two doors added on each side of each car to improve passenger loading and unloading times.

This train contains equipment designed by me whilst working for Alstom at Manchester.
Photograph taken on 10/11/1998 at 12:35

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